Ginger & Lemon

  • This spicy tonic is made with ginger, which is known to support a healthy immune system. It also helps with digestion, inflammation and improves detoxification.


  •  Improved blood flow, Lowers blood pressure, Boosts Stamina, It detoxifies the liver, t helps reduce the risk of cancer, Helps prevent against anemia and iron deficiency, Helps in building stamina.

Curcumin, Orange & Lemon

  • Alleviates Inflammation, Promotes Skin Health, Regulates Blood Sugar, May Have Anti-Cancer Properties, May Improve Mental Health, Helps Prevent Blood Clots, Relieves Joint Pain, Balances Cholesterol, Enhances Detoxification, Boosts Brain Function


  • Chlorophyll, a pigment in plants that is involved in photosynthesis, is known to assist in overall health by increasing the production of red blood cells. This superfood helps fight cancer, improving liver detoxification, speeding up wound healing, improving digestion and weight control, and protecting skin health.
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