Who's Amber?


Amber Gordon is a Certified Health/Wellness Coach and Nutrition Specialist. She is currently in school receiving her masters in Holistic Nutrition at American College and Health Services. For a long time, Amber had an authentic interest for holistic nutrition but just thought it was just a small hobby. This hobby didn’t go into high gear until she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2016. 

Her commitment to holistic nutrition comes from personal experience, specifically an early diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, with its prescription of risky drugs through allopathic medicine. Rather than submit to that diagnosis and prescription, Amber did her own research and sought out natural, alternative modalities, still letting science inform her decisions, but sticking to holistic approaches and interventions. With intense dedication and an ever-expanding breadth and depth of knowledge and insight, Amber was able to stop the disease and maintain her health through a holistic regimen.  During a lot of trial and error she was able to heal herself from her chronic illness by eating the right foods and cleansing her body from toxins.

What Amber learned from her own health journey was that she was interested and capable of helping others, as an educator, coach, and independent health brand.

She launched her business Amber Got The Juice Inc. in 2018 where she sells health products and provide health coaching services. Her goal is to spread her knowledge on how important your health is and break the generational curses of being diagnosed with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure and auto-immune diseases. She truly believes the saying “Genetics Loads the Gun but Your Diet Pulls the Trigger.”


Special Thanks To...

  1. Jacquelyn Gordon
  2. Ashley Gordon
  3. Jeffery Vallier
  4. Chantel Jiroch
  5. Brittney Bailey
  6. Zakiya Richardson
  7. Roderick Minger
  8. Sherae Adams
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